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Advent Calendar Day 6: O Come All Ye Faithful

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Here’s one of my favorite Christmas hymns, among the most stirring, and one with real theological meat on the shank.  Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing.  Also, amusing to me if no one else, it may be a coded Jacobite anthem, originally meant in honor of the Young Pretender Bonnie Prince Charlie.  Also, don’t even front, that music video is hilarious and legitimately awesome.  Real talk.

Faith.  Joy.  Triumph.  Ex umbris ad lucem, we are brought from shadows and into light.  Another good reason for moving this celebration to this season is that in the dead of winter is the time we most need reminding of the fact that we need fear no darkness.  In Christ is the victory.

And Twisted Sister, of course.  Absurd as they are, everyone loves “We’re not Gonna Take It,” and Dee Snider’s senate appearance endears him to me a great deal.  And they had a lot of fun with Christmas over the years, and since all other versions of this standard kind of grate on my nerves, here’s a little bonus for you:


So apparently it’s Christmas Eve

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I’ve gotten into the spirit of the season by reading the entirety of Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan in 48 hours.  Now my diseased brain-meats crave unsavory chemicals, raw hate, and many guns activated by murder thoughts.

And somehow, we’ve got a faceful of White Christmas in Forth Worth.  Snow’s all over the place.  Which is probably some sort of Christmas miracle, but it’s a miracle that kind of worries me right now, on account of how the woman I love is going to be driving up from Austin in this muck, and on I-35, which would have been a grim and bitter Holiday drive even under ideal weather conditions.

But there are other Christmas Miracles on hand today.  My personal favorite is the way Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In the Name” has claimed the #1 Christmas slot in Britain, breaking the iron-fisted grip of The X Factor.

Which I suppose means that this:

can now be added to the list of my favorite Christmas songs, which also includes:

Some time today or tomorrow, I’ll compose my annual Christmas sermon.

Until then, merry Christmas, to all the new scum.