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Things I’ve been looking at lately

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I habitually leave a lot of browser tabs open non-stop, closing them only when I’m quite finished with that page.  This leads to a lot of build-up, an accumulation of Firefox clutter.  So I’m doing some cleaning, and along the way I figured I’d share some highlights with you, the possibly tens of readers who follow this blog.

Roger Ebert, the dominant film reviewer on the planet, discusses something deeply personal.  Alcoholics Anonymous gets criticized both by people who don’t like the notion of God, and those who don’t like like the notion of expanding God to include just about anything.  Ebert, who doesn’t believe in God but does believe in AA, offers an interesting perspective on this.  My main thought: I suspect the religion of the early Church may have had a lot more in common with what goes on among those desperate and hurting people in the church basement that with what we do in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings.

And now for something completely different:

What if Judith Martin were thoroughly goth?

It might look something like the Lady of the Manners, which is pretty awesome.

Mike Stimpson specializes in recreating iconic photographs in Lego form.

Shawn was nice enough to comment on my blog, so I guess I might as well get around to plugging his webcomic, Clockworks.  Steampunk!  Action!  Intrigue!  Magic!  Trenchcoats!  Goggles!  Punches to the face!  It’s good stuff.


Some assorted notes

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Boxer briefs, combining the advantages of both boxer shorts and y-front briefs, may be the most comfortable underpants available.  The fit of briefs, the coverage of boxers.  It means no more chafing, and my wingdangdoodle no longer ends up hanging out of a fly that will not stay closed, which can lead to even worse chafing, unless you’re wearing jeans with a button fly instead of the zipper.

Tuesday I came home from work, took off my pants, started listening to the Grateful Dead, and ended up falling asleep for thirteen hours.  The song was “Uncle John’s Band.”

There’s just something about it.  Infinite mellowness.  It’s a window to another time, another world.  A different way of looking at things.  The kind of way of looking at things that ultimately leads you to head out to Whataburger at 3AM to get some pancakes, and then sit around playing Halo, except instead of actually trying to win, you and the guys on the other team just get together and ride around in one of the Warthogs, doing donuts and shooting at trees, because, you know, like, screw it dude, whatever.  The point is, whenever I listen to that song, I feel like I understand a little better why old hippies care about the Dead so much, and I kind of feel sad for the way it all went down after the Summer of Love.  Altamont, Watergate, on down to Hunter S. Thompson finally offing himself; world could have been a different place, maybe a better one.

Not that the world as it is now doesn’t have some fine points about it.  Hey kids!  Want to learn how to dress up like a person from a past that never happened because the future envisioned by Jules Verne didn’t quite work out?  Watch and learn a few things about steampunk costuming:

Or we could just get together and make fun of some hipsters.

Ideally, the Earth’s rotation would be 26 hours, and our culture would be built around the assumption that we should sleep five hours at night, and three hours in the afternoon.

Also, we should have wings.

And retractable claws.

Seriously, retractable claws are high on my list of desired cyberpunk implants, if the technology ever gets here.  Basically, I want everything Molly Millions from Neuromancer has, plus aural enhancements.  Not a hundred percent on the embedded mirrorshades, but definitely leaning that way.

Gleaming, ticking, hissing glowing scientific wonder!

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I’ve seen a fair number of steampunk casemods, but this one takes the cake:

Steampunk Frankenstein.

Imagine an orchestra of ten thousand theremins in eery harmony, ten thousand lightning-struck towers, ten thousand lightning rods, sparking Jacob’s Ladders, crackling Tesla Coils, mad hunchbacked dwarves THROWING THE SWITCH!  BEHOLD THE FIRES OF PROMETHEUS UNLEASHED ONCE MORE TO GIVE MY CREATION LIFE!

Ahem.  Yes.  That is to say.  That is a pretty cool-looking computer, and I’d like to have one.

To a new age of gods and monsters!

Music is another thing that restores a wage-slave’s spirits

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Steampunk music.  Glowing tubes, plasma spheres, brass and clockwork, goggles and vests, and pretty ladies dancing in Victorian underthings, these are all things that nourish the human spirit.

And it sounds pretty good, too.

Behold the wonder of the Chronophage!

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The great thing about living in the post-postmodern internet-enabled oneiric world of the 21st century is this: artifacts from alternate timelines keep showing up in actual reality.  The fact that steampunk exists as a concept is cool enough, and the fact that it’s developed into something like a subculture is even cooler, but here in the far-off future year of 2009, gleaming brass and ticking clockwork mechanisms infused with burning electricity and capped with mad-science finishing touches appear to be infiltrating the mainstream.

Slap a couple of vacuum tubes and a Jacob’s Ladder on that thing,  and you’d really be cooking with aetheric energies.  To a new age of gods and monsters!