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Check Out These Browser Tabs I Have Open

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As proud Americans with an interest in supporting our nation’s struggling economy, as well as member of the human race with a modicum of interest in workers being treated fairly, I say it behooves us all to buy American-made goods put together with union labor whenever possible.  This blog is a nascent effort to make that easier for us.

Speaking of the desolation of America’s manufacturing economy, Detroit sure has turned into a hellhole, hasn’t it?  Hauntingly beautiful, though, like the ruins Rome left behind when her empire crumbled.

2001 is one of the best SF films of all time.  Lego’s one of the best toys of all time.  Aw, yeah, it’s chocolate and peanut butter all over again.  Check out the EVA Pod, Leonov, and Dawn of Man diorama as well.

Not only is this quality satire, it combines two of the great loves of my adolescence: Mark Twain and robots.  Here’s R-word Jim to play us out!


Gentlemen, behold!

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If you were wondering how various movie characters would fare in a Z-Day situation, you can now learn the scientifically calculated answer (unsurprising, John McClane’s the most effective zombie fighter cinema has to offer).

Jones Soda has totally made a collection of Dungeons & Dragons soda.  Yeah, I’m gonna have to get me some of that.

Sword-hilted umbrellas! Yes.Yes, I need all of those.

More Lebowski-related fun (we’re all clear by now on the point that anything Big-Lebowski-related is going to have a lot of F-bombs and shouldn’t be listened to at work, right?)

Tired of LOLCats?  Ready for the latest LOLBacklash? is there for you.

The Harry Potter money-making machine continues unabated, with the planned new theme park.  Somehow, there’s still no Dirty Harry themepark (tell me you couldn’t build at least one roller coaster around the theme of Sondra Locke getting sexually assaulted, to say nothing of the .44 Magnum Log Flume).

Sweet Zombie Moses, they’ve built a robot that can jump over 20-foot fences!  The Robot Uprising is surely inevitable now.  You bastards finally did it!  Damn you!  DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!