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Advent Calendar Day 22: Fairytale of New York

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Probably my absolute favorite Christmas song.  It’s ugly, depressing, and raw, a story about two spectacularly broken addicts who’ve torn their lives apart and have nothing left but each other to cling to, and the hope that maybe things will finally turn around.

It’s also incredibly uplifting, because here’s two spectacularly broken people who’ve still got each other when everything else is gone, and the bells are ringing out for Christmas Day.

It’s impossible for me to hear the song and not thing of the tragedy of Kirsty MacColl, who died too soon.  It’s also impossible now for me to hear it and not think of one of the high points of Garth Ennis’ masterpiece, Preacher: in the middle of an epic saga of secret societies, renegade angels, vampires (the vampire Cassidy is pretty blatantly drawn from Shane MacGowan’s blueprint, come to that), invincible killing spirits, and a more forceful call for answers from the Almighty than is found in the book of Job, the real fulcrum of the story is the love between Jesse Custer and Tulip O’Hare.

Is there a moral to this love story?  Maybe that love’s a two-edged sword.  Maybe that if each other’s all we’ve got, we’d best look to it that it’s enough.  Maybe it’s that we’ll never be enough, not without help from outside.  Or maybe, if nothing else, it’s that next year if we’re lucky we’ll get another shot, and we can make the most of it.

I don’t know.  Let Shane and Kirsty speak for themselves, and take what you find.


So apparently it’s Christmas Eve

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I’ve gotten into the spirit of the season by reading the entirety of Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan in 48 hours.  Now my diseased brain-meats crave unsavory chemicals, raw hate, and many guns activated by murder thoughts.

And somehow, we’ve got a faceful of White Christmas in Forth Worth.  Snow’s all over the place.  Which is probably some sort of Christmas miracle, but it’s a miracle that kind of worries me right now, on account of how the woman I love is going to be driving up from Austin in this muck, and on I-35, which would have been a grim and bitter Holiday drive even under ideal weather conditions.

But there are other Christmas Miracles on hand today.  My personal favorite is the way Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In the Name” has claimed the #1 Christmas slot in Britain, breaking the iron-fisted grip of The X Factor.

Which I suppose means that this:

can now be added to the list of my favorite Christmas songs, which also includes:

Some time today or tomorrow, I’ll compose my annual Christmas sermon.

Until then, merry Christmas, to all the new scum.