Advent Calendar Day 11: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

The significance of bells as a Christmas symbol really makes itself felt when you dig into the music of the season, even a little bit.  Another thing you learn pretty quick while rooting around on youtube listening to different versions of various Christmas songs is just how great Johnny Cash was.  I knew that already, though.

Here’s Mr. Cash and his better half, singing another one of my favorites, a song about bells, a song about war, and a song about good and evil.

Mr. Henry Wadsworth  Longfellow wrote the words in the Christmas of 1863, not long after learning that his son had been seriously wounded in the war, not long after Longfellow’s wife died an untimely death.  He wrote down the truth.

The truth of it is something I believe in my bones.  Hate is strong.  Beyond question.  It makes a mockery, we make a mockery, of the idea of peace and good will.  The evil we all carry in us sometimes seems to poison every grain of sand and blade of grass and drop of water on this corrupted world, and it’s getting worse.


God is not dead, nor doth He sleep.

The wrong will fail.

The right prevail.

Peace on earth.

Good will to men.

The light is bound to swallow the darkness.  Slowly.  Imperceptibly, sometimes.  Sometimes the darkness pushes back.  Pockets of it linger.  But the end of the story’s written, and the light will prevail.

Let those now mired in darkness hear this good word: the darkness passes.  May those beset by the encroaching cold of winter see the coming spring.  Let those who walk in the night make ready for the dawn.  Let the sufferers who endure war and greed see the coming of peace and good will.

Hear the bells.  Some day soon, the Man will come around.


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