More Thrilling Links As I Clear Out My Browser Tabs

My bad habit is keeping tabs open on interesting content until I can find someone to share it with.  I’m doing this now both to let my handful of readers know what’s awesome, and to keep Chrome from crashing under the weight of things.

Jack Kirby is one of the greatest and most important artists of the 20th century.  That is not hyperbole.  The raw force of that man’s imagination, as captured in the lines he put on paper, shaped a medium and several genres, influenced and inspired generations, and has been utilized to produce billions of dollars of profit for the company that owns the rights to the characters he created, thanks to the comic book industry’s proud history of screwing artists.  Whether he was fighting in World War II, inventing the romance comic, creating 90% of Marvel’s most compelling and popular characters, or preparing to get into a bare-knuckle brawl with a bunch of American Nazis who objected to Captain America breaking Hitler’s jaw, everything the King did was awesome.  But this article from the LA Times has gotten me to thinking of him as a father as well as an artist.  It’s a fantastic look at what it was like to be Jack Kirby’s son, and I’ve had it open in my browser for weeks because I keep rereading it.

Soy Venganza!

Timothy Lim’s artwork just makes me happy.  Especially the Calvin & Hobbes-inspired Spider-man and Venom stuff.

Courtesy of 4thletter, we have this glorious vision of what a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fighting game could be!  Words can’t express how much I want this to be real.

I need this shirt.  Real Talk.

Chris Sims, world’s foremost Batmanologist and guy who having turned this writing on the internet thing into a living is a hero of mine, made this a while ago as part of his brilliant Many Emotions of Batman series, and it still makes me laugh.

And now here’s Jack Johnson beating the shit out of the Great White Hope to play us out:


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