An Open Letter To the, Like, Five People Who Might Still Be Following This Blog

Among my many bad habits (ranking somewhere in between cussing in church and watching Power Rangers: Ninja Storm in awfulness) is my proclivity for abandoning every attempt I ever make at a diary, journal, blog or personal calendar.  That changes now.

For reasons ranging from laziness to work to getting married to laziness to getting Red Dead Redemption to basic laziness, I have blown off updating this blog, and beyond that, I’ve blown off writing in general too long, too often, even though the thing I allegedly want to do with my life is write for a living.  That changes now.

I’ve got a folder full of unfinished drafts and outlines dating back to 2004, and I can count the legitimately finished stories, plays and comic scripts I’ve written on my fingers.  That changes now.

That changes now because it’s time to nut up or shut up.  Get busy living or get busy dying.  Shake off the dust, arise.  I’m not letting another year, month or day of crap pass by me.  I’ve figured out how to use my fancy phone as a proper calendar, I’ve vowed to put in a bare minimum of an hour a day at wordslinging, I am on a schedule, and this time I will do what I need to do to make sure I’m not stuck talking to idiots on the phone for a living the rest of my life.

So this blog’s coming back, for three reasons.

One, I need the practice.  Practice writing, practice rewriting, and practice putting myself in front of a keyboard and getting things done.

Two, I need the outlet.  Turns out people who want to be writers want to tell people what they think, and I am keen to broadcast my opinions on books, movies, religion, video games, booze, otters and whatever else.

Three, I need the audience.  I gots to get paid for putting words on a page, real talk.  I figure to start by dabbling in self-publishing first off, and that means self-marketing, and that means word of mouth.  I want you reading this blog so a few months down the line you’ll be prepared to pay a dollar to read my ebook.  I  want you to tell your friends to tell their friends to get in on this, so I guess it’s time to produce some content for your friends’ friends to enjoy.  By the end of this year, I’ll have two titles listed on the Kindle store if it kills me to do it, and I want everyone who reads this words right here to shell out cash money for them.  Or Paypal, or whatever.  Point is, gots to get paid.

So welcome back to the Oneiric Rantatorium, and stay tuned next week for my thoughts on terrible TV shows, great books, inexplicable movies and also probably some talk about Jesus and such.  As an added bonus, best believe there will be links to delightful or terrifying things I find on the internet.  Boogie!


One Response to “An Open Letter To the, Like, Five People Who Might Still Be Following This Blog”

  1. Hell yeah! This is awesome and I’m proud of you and looking forward to the posts. You might consider duplicating posts to a Tumblr–Tumblr by nature is a good source of word of mouth because things get reblogged and spread around.

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