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Just married

Posted in Religion, Stuff I think is cool on September 22, 2010 by bradellison

We were two, but now we become one
In the sight of kin, in the hearing of dear friends
Before the throne of Almighty God

I am a free man, and I freely pledge myself to you
And in belonging to you I will become truly free
From this day until the Last Day, all that I am is yours
This I pledge to you before our Lord Christ.

Yours is the name that will be ever on my lips
Yours are the eyes that will meet mine in the morning and the nightfall
Yours is the hand entwined with mine when I rise up and when I lie down
Yours is the heart that beats with mine, now and forever
Our unity blessed by the Holy Ghost.

I will shield your back, and serve you faithfully
I will belong to you, as you belong to me
We will stand together, united against the world
We will give each other our lives, as equal partners
Forsaking all others, honoring each other, until Death claims us
This I swear, now and forever, and may the Holy Trinity help me keep my wedding vow to you.