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Freedom and Adventure

Posted in Music on July 31, 2010 by bradellison

Lately, I’ve been meditating upon the wise words of Finnish Viking Metal band Turisas, in their epic album/saga The Varangian Way.

Many dangers lie ahead
Some of us may never return
Rather sold as a slave to the Saracens
Than chained to your bed, chained by your life!

This wisdom was underscored for me tonight when, in the midst of various stressors and chaos and tedium of day-to-day life, I stumbled once again upon a favorite Tolkien quote, repeated in one of C. S. Lewis’ essays about escapist fiction.  Tolkien believed that the people most concerned with and antagonistic towards the idea of escape are jailers.  It’s true.  And the world is constantly building prisons around us, chaining us down within drab walls.

So I, whenever I can spare a moment from my responsibilities, work on my escape tunnels.