The story so far

A genetically perfected scientific genius from the future, a magic-wielding princess from the Moon, and a short-tempered fist-fighting archeologist are the only people with a shot at saving the world from the fascists trying to enslave the human race for its own good.  They’ve thwarted vampire gangsters, ninja assassins, serpent-worshipping cultists, time-traveling terrorists, flying snake-headed gorillas, and a bluesman who sold his soul for music that can rip the fabric of reality, but now they know their greatest challenge is still ahead.

Because they’ve learned that the man behind everything they’ve faced, the shadowy figure pulling the strings, working inexorably to bring the world under his benevolent but absolute dominion, is the greatest mind on earth.  Their enemy is the pinnacle of human achievement, Doctor Clark Savage Jr., the Man of Bronze.

Unfortunately for our heroes, this revelation came shortly before they were thrown back in time to an age undreamed of, a prehistoric Hyborian Age of swords and sorcery, where their only allies are two of Doc Savage’s most trusted aides, the cold-blooded electrical genius Long Tom, and the slightly unhinged archeologist and Miskatonic University alumnus Johnny Littlejohn.  To get back home to 1928, this uneasy alliance must navigate the treacherous alleyways and ancient temples of Shadizar the Wicked, a city where life is cheap, help is expensive, and every shadow harbors peril.

I’ve given a lot of thought, lately, to the importance of escapism, in my own life and in general.  Fantasy’s the trap door to life, the means of slipping out at taking a break from reality, and I’ve come to realize that this is absolutely essential for me.  And the best escape is the one made with friends, around a table with dice and character sheets.


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