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Comng Attractions

Posted in Religion on March 12, 2010 by bradellison

So usually, this is how the cycle works: I read about something that makes me very angry, then I go on an information binge for a couple of days to learn all I can about it, and then I write an angry rant about it.  But with this Repent Amarillo business, I’ve been caught at a bad time.  What with going to and from Ft. Worth all the time, doing wedding stuff, attending birthday parties, work, and being sick, I haven’t had the time to sit down and do the pre-rant homework on Repent Amarillo yet.  I hope to get that done some time this weekend.

For now, the short version: if you’re waging war on Halloween, rock and roll, Freemasonry, nature preserves and Earth Day (specifically, their beef is that the holiday is about worshiping the Earth, which makes sense, since Flag Day is about worshiping the flag, Presidents’ Day is about worshiping Washington and Lincoln, and Columbus Day is about worshiping Columbus).  I also think that, honestly, it might behoove us who worship the Prince of Peace to maybe go a little easy on the martial imagery, all due respect to St. Paul’s Armor of God metaphor.  And when you start hassling people with bullhorns and digging through their trash, you’ve gone pretty far off the Jesus reservation.

And then there’s the fanfare that plays every time you load a page on their website.  That, by itself, is pissing me enough to put me on the warpath.