My brethren, let us be about our Father’s work

This is CrossRoads, a church in Phoenix, Arizona.  They’re in the habit of serving a Saturday pancake breakfast for the homeless in the area, feeding the hungry as our Lord Christ commanded us to do.  Some of their neighbors, it seems would prefer that if the homeless be fed, it should be somewhere else, where they don’t have to see or hear of it.

This is not a thing Jesus was ever vague or unclear about.  When you feed a hungry man, you’re feeding Him.  When you deny a hungry man food, you’re starving Christ.

Those of you who are my brothers and sisters in the Way, I would call upon you now to do what you can for this church, even if it’s only to write them a note of encouragement, and to remember them in your prayers.  If you should happen to be in the neighborhood of Phoenix, well, they could probably use some volunteers.  And if you’re not, I think it behooves us to look to their fine example, and ask ourselves what else we might be doing to feed the hungry, nurse the sick, clothe the naked, and comfort the prisoner.

Actually, I think all that goes for all my brothers and sisters who are not Christian, as well.  One need not worship Christ to feed the hungry.


One Response to “My brethren, let us be about our Father’s work”

  1. Katja in Minneapolis Says:

    Amen! And pass the loaves and fishes, please.

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