In remembrance

In the metaphysical equivalent to a grizzled mountain man coming down to the trading post after a year of trapping, I interrupted my term of solitary contemplation and pursuit of the Way and visited an actual church for the first time in rather a while.  And if it took an invitation from a pretty woman to get me there, well, God moves in mysterious ways.

It is good, we are taught, to fellowship with each other, to commune with each other.  And it was good to stand among many and sing the songs of Zion once more.

And as it happens, on this particular Sunday the sacrament of Communion was observed, which I had not taken in quite some time.  This ritual, this magic cannibalism of sorts, where we take into ourselves the flesh broken for us and the blood for our sakes spilt, is the sacred Mystery at the bloody beating heart of our faith.  Out of death, life.  Out of spirit, flesh.  Out of symbol, reality.  We gather together as one, and our togetherness is holy.  We partake once more of the Last Supper, that final meal that extends through infinity.  And again we shed, continuously until the world is reborn, the holy blood.  A bit of saltine and grape juice becomes, for a moment, the substance of divine matter.  The simple act of eating bread and drinking wine becomes a labyrinthine alchemy that encapsulates all that is.  This is the Deep Magic, from before the dawn of time.


One Response to “In remembrance”

  1. Glad you were blessed! I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of Communion in worship, and slowly moving toward a more (dare I say it?) sacramental understanding of the Table.

    Like you said, “Out of death, life. Out of spirit, flesh. Out of symbol, reality.”

    I wish we observed the sacrament more often in Evangelical churches.

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