Robert E. Howard Monday: Nerdrage

So the trailer for the new Solomon Kane movie is out.

And I am not well pleased.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that there’s never going to be a faithful adaptation of Red Shadows directed by Guillermo Del Toro and starring Michael Wincott, and I’ve had months now to try and come to grips with the nonsensical origin story they’ve cooked up for my favorite pulp hero, but even so I’d hoped for better than the Black Prince from A Knight’s Tale dressed up like Hugh Jackman from Van Helsing, swinging two cutlasses around in slow motion, and fighting the Golem boss from Castlevania.

Speaking of Van Helsing, I see from the Youtube comments, that endless black abyss of stupidity that God Almighty has forsaken and left to fester, that this movie has already given rise to the first generation of unreflective jerk-offs to whom Solomon Kane will be nothing but a crappy knock-off of an already-crappy knock-off.  For the record, anyone who says anything to me about Solomon Kane being a Van Helsing ripoff had best do it from a distance, or I will stab them right in the damn eye.

I can see exactly how this happened.  I have a blueprint detailing how this almost certainly happened, because I would bet real money that it’s pretty much the same process that turned Kull the Conqueror.  I strongly suspect that somewhere along the line, someone wanted to make an actual Solomon Kane movie, and then the project went into the studio sausage factory, with a sampling of the unrecognizable end result being this trailer.

I think I’ve given up hope for a Solomon Kane movie better than this:


3 Responses to “Robert E. Howard Monday: Nerdrage”

  1. I’d still see it…though I haven’t read the source material. Is it the public domain? If so, I might just grab some off of Gutenberg.

  2. bradellison Says:

    A number of the Solomon Kane stories are in the public domain according to Australian copyright law, and thus can be found on Australian Gutenberg:

    I recommend starting with “Red Shadows.” It’s one of the earliest, one of the best, and one that gives you probably the best introduction to the character:

    But if you enjoy it, I strongly, strongly recommend picking up the excellent Del Rey edition, which collects everything Howard ever wrote about Solomon Kane, including the poems and story fragments, all illustrated by the brilliant Gary Gianni:

    Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure the Abilene public library has a copy.

  3. Cool. I’m checking it out!

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