Attention, internet: I rule SO HARD

Last night, in a feverish haze of espresso and poorly dubbed kung fu movies, I completed the script for the break-out indy comics hit of 2010.  I speak, of course, of issue #1 of Thog-Dar: Caveman Detective.  At the dawn of the human race, a man is murdered by someone using the first bow ever made.  A mystified tribal chieftain and a baffled Lawkeeper (high priest of the Giant Ball of Fire In the Sky) have only one man they can turn to: Thog-Dar, a hard-boiled lone wolf who doesn’t play by the rules.  Thog-Dar, the inventor of crime scene investigation.  Thog-Dar, the first man in human history to grasp the concept of the alibi.  Thog-Dar, a man who walks fearlessly up to the first gangster in human history and punches him right in the face.  But even Thog-Dar may be in over his head, up against a killer who’s centuries ahead of his time when it comes to lethal weaponry.

And while I was doing that, I went ahead and touched up the other sure-fire hit of the next year, Black Flag.  Pirates!  Revenge!  Hidden treasure!  Necromancy!  Long conversations about the philosophy of anarchy!  17th-century profanity!  And will there be a sword fight on the deck of a burning ship, between two half-brothers whose hatred of each other can only be quenched by hot blood and cold steel?  You better believe it.

All that awesomeness, plus more, will be coming out of the Capstone Connection, the collective of Austin writers and artists who have banded together to rock faces off.  And the Connection is brought to you by Capstone Comics, the best comic book store in Austin.  Thanks to them, I’ve been able to see my visions of horrifically violent yet entirely justified revenge killings taking place in exciting historical venues brought to bold, bloody life on the page, and will soon be able to share that vision with the world.


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