I have such sights to show you

Midnight.  31 December, 1999.  A piece of music began playing.

It is meant to continue playing, without repetition, for a thousand years.

It’s called Longplayer.

Apparently, it is possible to learn Jamaican patois through Dr. Seuss.  This book must have been read to me literally hundreds of time in my early years, so encountering it once more, in this context, is quite a trip.

The living statue.  A peculiar art form, but potentially a very impressive one.  In Russia, there are masters of the form.

This is magic.  There aren’t any other words adequate to describe what this is.  Magic.

Comedy.  Tragedy.  The all-too-real woes of fans and thespians, writ large in the form of the confessions of the Hitlers.  If you’re part of a fandom, or have spent any time around the theater, I think you’ll understand.

Question: is there anybody on the internet at this point that doesn’t have a crush on Felicia Day?

For years now, I’ve wanted to learn the name of the typeface used in Diablo, mostly because the O looks cool.  Turns out it’s Exocet.

Have I shown this to you already?  There is a monument, composed of massy slabs of granite, that stands upon a hill in Georgia.  Inscribed upon the stones, in eight languages, are instructions for those who will come after us, in the days after our world ends.

The monument was raised in 1980.  By whom, and to what end, remain a mystery.

The world is a strange place.  Let’s keep it that way.


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