The craziest movie ever made is on the Youtube.  Behold The Dragon Lives Again, where a post-mortem Bruce Lee teams up with the One-Armed Swordsman, Qui-Chang Kane and Popeye the Sailor Man to do battle against the evil plots of the Godfather, the Exorcist, James Bond, Clint Eastwood, Emmanuelle, Zatoichi and Dracula, who have joined forces to take over the underworld!



  1. I just noticed your .sig, and thought “Whatever movie he’s talking about, it can’t possibly be as crazy as The Dragon Lives Again.” Lo and behold…

  2. bradellison Says:

    You were right.

    I’ve seen worse movies (, and less coherent movies (Actium Maximus: Wrath of the Alien Dinosaurs is more like a fever dream than a real movie), but for sheer balls-out crazy there’s nothing, not even Monkey King With 72 Magic, that can touch The Dragon Lives Again.

  3. My knowledge of bad, bizarre, and obscure movies is probably less extensive than yours, but I know I’ve never seen anything to match it.

  4. […] the unmitigated WTF factory that is The Dragon Lives Again, whose insane charms I’ve discussed in the past.  And how can we neglect the brain-melting intensity of Turkish Star Wars? (WARNING: DO NOT CLICK […]

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