Some notable Christians of the 20th century

Dave Arneson

and Gary Gygax

the creators of the Satanic suicide-promoting amusement Dungeons & Dragons (a game heavily inspired by the works of notable Christian authors Tolkien and Lewis, and by the intensely Christian myth cycles of King Arthur’s Knights and Charlemagne’s Paladins).  Paladins rule.

Alice Cooper

The man who successfully combined his love of horror movies and vaudeville (also a golfing enthusiast), and allegedly corrupted three generations of America’s youth.

Betty Page

The legendary pin-up/bondage model, one of the world’s greatest arguments against gentlemen preferring blondes.


4 Responses to “Some notable Christians of the 20th century”

  1. ‘Course…some people claim to be Christians without having any kind of actual relationship with God or subscribing to anything He stands for, and some seem to consider themselves Christian more as a cultural thing than anything else. I don’t really know about any of these people personally, naturally, although I wouldn’t be that surprised about the D&D folks; I’ve thought for quite a while that the controversy over the game is pretty ridiculous. Alice Cooper and Bette Page I find a little harder to believe, although that could just be partly because I think Cooper is completely bugnuts.

  2. bradellison Says:

    Make no mistake, Alice Cooper is definitely bugnuts. That’s part of what makes him awesome. On the subject of his religion, the man speaks for himself in this interview:

    And Miss Page was, I assure you, not only a Christian since 1959, but a veteran of the Billy Graham Crusade.

  3. While I completely approve and endorse the other entries, I was sure I had read somewhere that the lovely Betty Page completely turned her back on her former work when she got that old time religion. Just saying.

    (BTW: the roll of Christian RPG designers includes me, too.)

  4. bradellison Says:

    As near as I’ve been able to tell from the interviews with her I’ve read, her feelings about her career were somewhat mixed, but she seems to have always been quite unashamed of posing nude. She did definitely quit modeling after her conversion, but the Kefauver Hearings might well have had something to do with that as well.

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