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Like a boss

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This may be the single funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.


An interesting paradox

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Why is it, o my brothers and sisters, that the ones who put the greatest weight on Leviticus 18:22 so frequently seem to be entirely unfamiliar with Leviticus 19:34?  And why does Romans 1:27 carry greater weight than Matthew 7:3?  I’d be interested in hearing these things explained.

Never read the comments

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It turns out that there are a bunch of people out there on the web who hate Brick.  And these people freely disparage it, its cast, and its director, sheltered by the gentle anonymity of the internet.

Obviously, I can’t punch all of them.

But everybody needs to keep this in mind: talk shit about Brick or Rian Johnson in my physical presence, and I’ll be able to punch you.

The hunger for metal is upon me

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And I should warn you, I enjoy metal entirely unironically.

Lordi won Eurovision 2006 with this:

I love the wings/hat combo.  But really, I prefer the official music video, and not just because of the extremely pretty girl.  Deadite cheerleaders are just indisputably cool.

Also cool and Finnish is Nightwish, symphonic metal formerly fronted by the classically trained opera soprano vocals of Tarja Turunen:

and currently adequately fronted by Anette Olzon:

Alestorm may have invented the subgenre of pirate metal.

But for Viking metal, the go-to guys are Turisas from, you guessed it, Finland, the most metal country on Earth.

Since we’ve got the first two thirds of a nautical trifecta going on here, this looks like a good place to insert Mastodon, who made a thoroughly badass album based on Moby Dick.  “THIS IVORY LEG IS WHAT PROPELS ME!  HARPOONS THRUST IN THE SKY!”

The Sword are local boys, though they’re off touring at present.

And being the enormous Bob Howard fan that I am, you know I’m gonna dig a song called “How Heavy This Axe.”

Also local are the Lions, who I saw live once in an epically crappy little dive in Denton, where they totally kicked ass in front of a tiny audience.

And while we’re at it, here’s the forefathers.

I’m pretty sure Prof. T. would not have been a fan of Zeppelin’s music (or Jimmy Page’s fascination with magic in general and Aleister Crowley in particular) but they were sure big fans of his, as evidenced by the fact that the went ahead and recorded a song about the Battle of the Pellenor Fields (and another one called “Misty Mountain Hop,” and another one where they talk about Gollum stealing their girl…).

And finally, because I skipped Robert E. Howard Monday, and because I’m also a big Lovecraft fan, we’ll close with Bal-Sagoth:

Some notable Christians of the 20th century

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Dave Arneson

and Gary Gygax

the creators of the Satanic suicide-promoting amusement Dungeons & Dragons (a game heavily inspired by the works of notable Christian authors Tolkien and Lewis, and by the intensely Christian myth cycles of King Arthur’s Knights and Charlemagne’s Paladins).  Paladins rule.

Alice Cooper

The man who successfully combined his love of horror movies and vaudeville (also a golfing enthusiast), and allegedly corrupted three generations of America’s youth.

Betty Page

The legendary pin-up/bondage model, one of the world’s greatest arguments against gentlemen preferring blondes.

This is why I love comic books

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This is a remarkably funny, sweet, and honest little story about teenage romance and insecurity. It’s also a story about Batman and Robin, with the numbers filed off.  And it’s a story about identity, with the mask as a concrete metaphor.  And about anxiety-inducing authority figures, as embodied by a crazy vigilante in a devil costume.  You can do this kind of thing with the stylized, larger-than-life, operatic world of the superhero.  Tell stories about real people and their real issues, magnified with tights and capes and optic beams in the same way that you use a microscope or binoculars.

I will show you awesome guns

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Behold the Gyrojet.

It is a rocket gun.  It shoots rocket bullets.

It was intended to kill Red Commies in outer space.

It even exists in carbine form.

It was used in a James Bond movie.  A Roger Moore James Bond movie.  And Roger Moore James Bond movies are the natural environment for completely insane awesome gadgets, but this one is real, and exists in reality.

Sadly, the world was not ready for a freaking rocket pistol, and the Gyrojet exists as a historical oddity.

However, there are some dudes who want to change that.  Because it’s just not the 21st century until we have rocket pistols that will allow us to mess up a guy while we are in outer freaking space.

The world is a strange place.  Let’s keep it that way.