Stuff I’ve been doing instead of updating this blog

Started running an RPG.  Spirit of the Century, the pulpiest of pulp games, a magnificent implement for recreating the action-packed gonzo-crazy science-fueled optimistic two-fisted black-and-white morality hero tales of the glorious pulp mags, movie serials, radio shows and early golden-age comic books.  Presently, we’ve only had the character-creation session, but subsequent posts will chronicle the doubtless-heroic adventures of the mighty champions playing in this game.  The roster of heroes runs thusly:

“Rocket” Ryan, the man from tomorrow!  Refugee from a perfect-yet-stagnant alternate future, he’s come back in time in search of adventure, and a way to make the future better!

Athena Argent, the magical moon maiden!  princess and sorceress, she’s been sent to Earth as ambassador from her Lunar home, to determine whether the world of men is ready to receive the secrets of the lost Library of Alexandria, and to find a suitable consort!

Dr. Jack Napoleon Jr., two-fisted relic-hunter!  His quest to discover and preserve the heritage of the past has brought him into conflict time and again with the sinister machinations of Professor James Moran, heir to the evil legacy of Professor James Moriarty and influential member of the Thule Society!

Ichabod the Inadvertent, America’s top agent of the occult!  Dealing with weird threats is his stock in trade, and his freakish luck is both his biggest asset and his greatest liability!

Together, they will oppose the forces of crime, oppression, war-mongering, and possibly international communism.  Also vampire gangsters.

Also, I’ve been watching Deadwood.  I’m way late to this party, but I’m glad I finally arrived.  Yeah, it’s as good as you’ve heard.  Foulest language I think I’ve ever heard come out of a television set, all framed in a magnificent eloquence.  The cast is well-stocked with badasses, with most of the best character actors around putting in appearances.  The depth and complexity of the plotting is fantastic, delivering a truly novel-scaled story the likes of which I don’t think I’ve ever seen on television before.  And it’s dripping with the kind of gritty, unwashed old-west authenticity that would make Gene Autry crap his sequin-encrusted pants.

After taking a hiatus for a few weeks, I picked up my DS again.  I’d been trying to parcel out playtime slowly, in order to more fully savor Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.  Because once I beat Dawn and Portrait of Ruin, I’ll have beaten every Castlevania installment playable on the DS, including the ones for the Gameboy Advance.  But it turns out moderation is not in me, especially once I hit the last stretch of the game, as I have now.  Luckily, Castlevania offers plenty of alt-modes.  I do look forward to playing through again as Julius Belmont.  And I suppose after that I can always play Chinatown Wars for a while.

I picked up a copy of 23 Minutes in Hell from the library.  Apparently, this volume has enjoyed some success.  I cannot for the life of me understand why.  From a purely literary standpoint, it’s absolute dreck.  From a theological standpoint, it’s even worse.  I’ve noted before now that we tend to have trouble outright calling other Christians liars, but when a professional realtor tells me that God Almighty granted him a vision of Hell (including such details as the fact that you will have a physical body in Hell, but it will be devoid of fluid, and that Hell is literally located in the center of the Earth) so that he could warn people about the dangers of eternal damnation (giant spiders are involved, FYI), I am, at best, skeptical.  Especially since he seems to have no idea what the Bible actually says about Hell, despite the fact that he quotes just about every tag-end of Scripture he can that mentions the word in the King James version.  For one thing, he doesn’t seem to realize that “sheol” does not mean “Hell.”  For another, he cites the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man to support some of the detail of his alleged vision, which is hilarious since that parable directly undercuts his central claim.  This claim, you’ll recall, is that Jesus personally picked this professional seller of real estate as His messenger to warn people of the dangers of Hell, which is interesting because the parable very specifically says that this wouldn’t work.  More of this anon, perhaps, for if I can stomach more of this damnable nonsense I shall certainly want to rant about it some.

And finally, this past weekend I went to Scarborough Faire, Texas’ epic Rennaissance festival.  I went there with two hundred dollars, and came back with three.  I regret spending none of them except the two I laid out for the ping-pong-ball-shooting crossbow booth.  The barrel swing, joust slide, mead, hard cider, meat pie, fencing bouts, jewelry and walking/ass-whupping stick were all worth the price.

Here’s me with my new staff:


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  1. I think instead of wasting your time on 23 min. in Hell, which you have already established to be lacking in credibality you should just spend your time in Gods word. You now it is right.

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