Your daily dose of oddities

Boston school is definitely not infested with vampires.  Seriously.  No vampires here at all, no sir.  Remember, any of you out there in internet-land reading from the Boston area: fire.  Fire, and lots of it, with blessed sacramental wafers and hawthorn stakes and silver crucifixes as backup.  And if you want to be thorough, load a double-barreled shotgun with one Dragonsbreath shell and one shell loaded with a mix of wooden and silver rosary beads, blessed and preferably soaked for some time in holy water, with maybe a little garlic powder thrown in for good measure.

Advertising is an odd business.  Self-advertising on a shoestring budget, that’s odder still.

Little Red Riding Hood, stats version.  Having seen a fairy tale redressed as a presentation, I now kind of want to see a Powerpoint set converted into a fable.  Somebody should get to work on that.

The Benny Hillifier.  For all your replacing-a-video’s-original-audio-with-“Yakety-Sax” needs.

Some  more customized My Little Ponies.  I note with absolutely no surprise that a disproportionate number of them are Johnny Depp characters.  That there should be overlap between Pony enthusiasts and Depp fans seems natural and right.  My personal favorite of the bunch, however, is the Bride.  Though I have absolutely no idea how she might grasp her little Hanzo sword.

The Elves of Iceland, a documentary project about exactly what it says on the tin.  It seems that one country in the modern world, at least, still takes the Hidden Folk seriously.  Of course, the more we know about the Lords and Ladies, the bigger our advantage will be when we go to work eradicating the last of those child-stealing milk-curdling soulless mind-enslaving monsters.  With any luck, this film will finally answer the question of whether modern tempered steel counts as “cold iron” for Gentry-killing purposes.  Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files novels say yes, but White Wolf’s Changeling: the Lost RPG (Hunterhearts represent!) says no.

The World is a strange place.  Let’s keep it that way.


One Response to “Your daily dose of oddities”

  1. did any one ever tell you, you have to much time on your hands. I have a special place in my heart for MY Little Ponies. They gave me many hours of peace a few years back so I loved that link.

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