Every last one of you needs to go read the last couple of posts on the Slacktivist’s blog

I am not kidding.

First, the latest Left Behind Friday is about the deeply messed-up perspective on evangelism that I think anyone with a background in the Evangelical church will find disquietingly familiar.  Thank you, Slacktivist, for helping me understand just why I felt so uncomfortable about the witnessing advice I sometimes got in Sunday School.

Second, a little commentary on the recent and very, very unsurprising news that our decision to waterboard prisoners was, in addition to being a monstrous abandonment of basic decency, entirely counterproductive.  Turns out that torture is great for extracting confessions, but terrible for extracting facts.  Who knew?  And let’s have no mealy-mouthed debating of whether waterboarding is torture or not.  Teddy Roosevelt had men court-martialed for it.  It was one of the war crimes for which we executed Japanese officers after World War II.  The attempt to rebrand it as anything other than torture is, most charitably, disingenious.  Feeling less charitable, I call it vile dishonesty intended to justify barbaric acts for no good reason.


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