I will show you some weird, wild stuff

This is basically what I do during the middle of the week, but better and more thoroughly done.  Things you wouldn’t know if we didn’t blog incessantly.  It’s like Warren Ellis’ blog without the total insanity and mind-melting images of human beings who’ve done unspeakable things to their own bodies.  (Protip: do not seek out Warren Ellis’ blog unless you’re absolutely sure you can handle it).

Behold impossible death-defying feats of animal husbandry!

Sheep dogs are amazing.

I recommend that you read Therefore Repent! Weird, scary, funny, a sharp look at pre-trip eschatology from the outside, and a much, much better imagining of what a post-Rapture world would look like than anything I’ve ever read written by an actual Rapture believer.  Slacktivist’s Left Behind Fridays (which are absolutely essential reading, incidentally) do a good job of pointing this out (and, incidentally, he’s the one that led me to Therefore Repent!), but the authors of the Left Behind books are outright creepy in their inability to imagine a world altered by the kind of mass dissappearances that form the central pillar of their fiction and their religion.

Behold the work of the legendary Edgar Allan Poe reinterpreted in rap form!

Further bulletins to follow as events warrant, especially once I start doing some spring cleaning on my bookmarks.

The world is a strange place.  Let’s keep it that way.


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