We are living in a cyberpunk future right now

We stand at the cusp of Augmented Reality.

The future is a quite exciting place.  The world our children will inherit is, I suspect, beyond imagining, as our world is beyond the imagining of an eighteenth-century yeoman farmer.  Wonders will multiply, art and communication and commerce and socialization will evolve in ways we can’t anticipate, and the waking world will blend with the world of dreams.

Of course, people will always be people.  The barking of the marketplace dogs will continue to be essential.  And there’s no telling what kind of devilry our grandchildren will get up to with the godlike powers science will bestow upon them.  New technology creates the potential for new sins.

Or maybe things won’t turn out that way at all.  Prognostication is tricky.  In the golden age of pulp SF, the pages of Amazing Stories teemed with adventures set in the far off days of the 1990s, when man would have colonized Venus but would still perform his spaceship navigation using a slide rule.

Still, it’s all very exhilarating, isn’t it?


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