The internet offers exciting new ways to watch Zoe Bell kill people

Internets are more fun than television (and if anyone reading this gets that reference, I will be very surprised).  And here, at last, is a webshow worth watching that doesn’t have Felicia Day in it.  Not that I have any problem whatsoever watching things with Felicia Day in them.  No sir.

But back on topic.  This is the thing I’m talking about right now.  You will note that the title is Ed Brubaker’s Angel of Death Starring Zoe Bell.  Either one of those names is going to catch my interest.

Ed Brubaker, for the maybe three people who read my blog but don’t read comic books, is a man who writes comic books.  Awesome comic books.  His specialty is hardboiled crime fiction.  Right now he’s the man writing Daredevil, which is the best thing Marvel publishes.  He took Iron Fist, a c-list superhero left over from the Bruce Lee Kung Fu boom who only survived the seventies by teaming up with Marvel’s c-list blaxploitation hero Power Man, and made Iron Fist totally awesome.  He took over writing Captain America and made it awesome.  He created Criminal, which is awesome.

Zoe Bell is a stuntwoman.  Her actual acting debut was in Quentin Tarentino’s awesome movie Death Proof, in which she played herself. In that movie she rides on the hood of a white 1970 Dodge Challenger and then beats up Kurt Russell.

So when Ed Brubaker writes a series in which Zoe Bell plays a professional assassin, I figure it’s going to be pretty awesome.  A quick viewing proves me right.

Also, Doug Jones is in there.  You may recognize him as the guy who played nearly every freaky messed-up humanoid monster in Guillermo Del Toro’s filmography.  And a special guest appearance by Ted Raimi, the second-ugliest man in Hollywood.


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