The grimness of dawn

For lo, the lady who operates the telephone switchboard at work is on vacation until Wednesday, and so did I volunteer to cover the switchboard during the morning, before my customary afternoon shift begins.

To arrive at work at 8:30, which ye will ken is when I must open the switchboard, I must perforce leave home before 7:30.

In the morning.

I am given to understand that many people do this as a matter of course, and bully for them.  But I’d wager they’re not accustomed to going to bed at around 5 AM.  To get a good six hours of sleep, I’d need to be out cold half an hour from now, and that just is not going to happen.  Hot cocoa, hot baths, alcohol and sometimes Nyquil can be used to induce a somnolescent* state, but they’re not fast-acting, and if I get interested in something, their work is undone.

So now it’s away with the internet, that Great Distractor, and to the tub, where I shall meditate upon the nth book on real-world vampires (or as I like to call them, “that Whitman’s Sampler of posers, eccentrics and the mentally ill”) which I am forcing myself to read in preparation for that day when I at last sit down to write the Great American Vampire Gangster Novel.  Yes, it’ll be grand times then, when I weave the tale of a hard-bitten amoral Irish-American thug who will defy Big Al Capone himself in order to protect his turf, and also he is a vampire.

Kind of lost my train of thought there.

Listen.  The point is, I need to be chilling right now and preparing my mind to enter the fertile fields of the Dreamtime, so that I’ll be able to get up in the morning and earn my paycheck so I can continue to do whatever it is I do instead of scavenging in dumpsters.  If nothing else, it’ll be good to save up a cushion of a couple of thousand dollars before I start hitch-hiking to California in search of adventure so I can write a book about that, and eventually get on Oprah’s show so I can tell her lies which she will gullibly swallow and pass on to her cult following.

I know, I’m rambling.  That stream-of-consciousness free-association helps prepare me, mentally, to switch off the rational part of my brain and enter the world of dreams.

*I think this may be a neologism.  Please use and enjoy the word “somnolescent,” and for that matter “somnolescence,” gratis with my blessing.


One Response to “The grimness of dawn”

  1. Don’t forget to take a gun with you on that hitch hiking trip, you never know what kind of wacko will pick you up.

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