Because I demanded it!

Christopher Lee wants you to drink.

And you’d better do what the man says.  The bulk of what he did in WWII is still classified, but it’s safe to say he’s killed more Germans than I’ve ever personally met in my life.  He has a CBE, and he’s a Commander in the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, which I believe technically makes him a Paladin.  His mother was an Italian Contessa, and her family was first granted the right to bear a coat of arms by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbossa in the twelfth century.  He has a library on the occult that comprises some 12,000 volumes.  He’s played both Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, and Henry Baskerville on top of that.  He speaks eight languages, and is a classically trained singer.  He loves metal, with Manowar being one of his favorite bands.  He is said to know the name of every official executioner in England going back five centuries.

What I am getting at here is that Christopher Lee is a bad dude.

Recognize, sucka.


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