I have beheld the future

For lo!  The deathless, lawless, handless man shall become both slave and master of slaves.  And though handless, he shall serve the Hand.  And this slave who commands slaves shall make slaves of those who are free, who once were slaves.

Behold!  From the Kingdom of Eternal Summer come the servants of the Winter King, borne North upon the back of the wind that bears the snow.  And under the cover of their poison snowfall shall they seek the Heart of Winter.

Below the waves lies the stone circle.  Below the Earth lies the brotherhood that worships it.

There is war among the dead.  Revolution is at hand, and the blood drinkers shall bleed in the streets.

Who can say what shall come of the Wolves?

And who watches the Watchers?

The master of the Gilded Castle looks out upon his city through new eyes.

There is a ghost that is not a ghost.


One Response to “I have beheld the future”

  1. Seriously, What the hell man?

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