Monday Robert E. Howard #1: The Marching Song of Connacht

Monday is the return to toil. Up in the morning, out through the traffic, and on with the daily dose of meaningless drudgery, coming to an end with the promise of four more days of the same yet to come.

It is good, then, to remember that there is more to life than commuting and drone-work. The open steppe, a fleet horse, falcons at the wrist, and the wind in your hair.

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

And to that end, Mondays are now a day for the main man of blood and thunder typing himself.

The men of the East are decked in steel,
They march with a trumpet’s din,
They glitter with silks and golden scales,
And high kings boast their kin–
We of the West wear the hides of wolves,
But our hearts are steel within.

They of the East ride gallant steeds,
Their spears are long and brown;
Their shields are set with sparkling stones,
And each knight wears a crown–
We fight on foot as our forebears fought,
And we drag the rider down.

We race the steed of the Saxon knight,
Across the naked fen–
They of the East are full of pride,
Cubs of the Lion’s den.
They boast they breed a race of kings–
But we of the West breed men.

–Robert E. Howard


One Response to “Monday Robert E. Howard #1: The Marching Song of Connacht”

  1. You are damn right.

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