Behold the wonder of the Chronophage!

The great thing about living in the post-postmodern internet-enabled oneiric world of the 21st century is this: artifacts from alternate timelines keep showing up in actual reality.  The fact that steampunk exists as a concept is cool enough, and the fact that it’s developed into something like a subculture is even cooler, but here in the far-off future year of 2009, gleaming brass and ticking clockwork mechanisms infused with burning electricity and capped with mad-science finishing touches appear to be infiltrating the mainstream.

Slap a couple of vacuum tubes and a Jacob’s Ladder on that thing,  and you’d really be cooking with aetheric energies.  To a new age of gods and monsters!


2 Responses to “Behold the wonder of the Chronophage!”

  1. I want one

  2. (Here through Charis–my LJ is at, for what it’s worth.)

    I saw that. I’ve even got pictures–lousy ones, but still. I thought it was pretty cool then but I suppose I didn’t connect it with steampunk, and I wasn’t even positive it was the same thing until the guy said Cambridge. Awesome.

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